CTM 112-T Tweed

Get ready to amplify your sound with the all-new Ashdown CTM-112T Tweed speaker cabinet. Crafted to complement the CTM-30-TWEED head, this cabinet has been meticulously designed for the discerning musician.
The CTM-30 head is known for its EL-84-powered valve amp characteristics, and it deserved a speaker that would do justice to its tone. The CTM-112T comes equipped with a 12" speaker, offering full-range dynamics, and avoiding the limitations often associated with 10" or 15" options.
Front-ported for enhanced air movement, this cabinet boasts a mid-range focus that ensures your sound cuts through in any live situation when paired with the 30-watt CTM head. Weighing in at just 12.2kg (26lbs), it's remarkably portable.
The Ashdown CTM-112T Tweed delivers a powerful 250 watts at 8 ohms through its single White Line Ashdown 12" speaker, designed for exceptional attack, clarity, and low-end performance. Its distinctive high-quality Tweed finish sets it apart from the crowd.
In terms of tone, this compact design maintains a strong low-end response with a punchy mid-range. The three-way tweeter switch allows you to adjust the high-end to your preference - hi, low, or off. Whether you use it alone or in a pair, the CTM-112T is ready to elevate your sound.
For an even more mesmerizing tone, consider stacking two CTM-112T cabs using the 4-ohm output of the CTM-30 head. Whether you're playing a P bass for a dark and rich tone with clarity or switching to a Jazz bass on the bridge pickup for a smile-inducing tone, this combination has it all.
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  • Dimensions - H x W x D (mm) 465 x 380 x 335
  • Weight - 12.2 kg / 26 lbs
  • Ohmage - 8 Ohms
  • Power Handling - 250 watts
  • Speaker - 12" Custom White Line
  • Tweeter - 3 way control. High, Low and Off
  • Finish - Custom Tweed with metal corners and metal grab handle
Weighing in at just 12.2kg/26lbs the Ashdown CTM 112-T Tweed handles 250 watts at 8 ohms through its single White Line Ashdown 12” speaker designed to deliver exceptional attack, clarity and low-end performance whilst standing out from the crowd with its distinctive high quality Tweed finish.

Tonally, the compact design maintains the low-end response with a more dynamic punchy mid-range. The addition of the tweeter provides extra high end and can be adjusted either to either hi, low or off with the three-way tweeter switch depending on the player’s preference.
Can be used alone or in a pair linked together. We have rather fallen in love with the stack of 2 x CTM-112T cabs using the 4-ohm output of the CTM-30 head for a gloriously heart-warming tone, when using a P bass, it can be dark and rich but with clarity then switching to a Jazz bass on the bridge pickup you get a tone that just puts a smile on your face.

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