Sean Goodwin
"Formed in Portsmouth in late 2006, The Frontiers were an acoustic based trio doing a mix of covers and own material. During early 2007 I was asked to join (first ever band for me) Working together we quickly rallied up a strong and loyal following then in late 2007 we went fully electric and it has turned out to be quite successful. Most recently The Frontiers were offered resident band status at a local club venue called Tiger Tiger. Early outlook is looking very good with more other local gigs in the pipeline and then spreading outwards further afield. Currently adding more of our own material to match in with our full band sound, cover songs are still a big part of our set and always receive a good welcome. I’m normally the quiet laid back person in the band who quietly goes about hit business and gets on with the job in hand but once on stage I do tend to liven up a little especially if the audience is loud and enjoying it."
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