Jean Savoie
Jean resides in Vancouver and has been involved in the local music scene for the last couple decades. In 2006 he joined premier rock cover band The Bobcats. Aside from Jean's many talents on stage, he's an experienced guitar luthier and collector of bass guitars. His collection of Fender, Rickenbacker and Sadowsky basses number in the dozens. Jean enjoys having a variety of bass sounds and rotates his basses regularly with 2 or 3 on stage each night. With this arsenal of sound at his fingertips, and his roots in Rock, Pop, R&B and Latin music, Jean has entertained audiences around the world, on land and at sea.

I tried everything for the past 25 years and nothing came close to Ashdown! I've been using Ashdown exclusively since 2001 and just love the sound and the VU!"
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