The Ashdown CTM-15 tube bass amplifier head is all about big valve tone in a tiny package that's perfect for recording but just bold enough for small gigs.

Low power, big sound

Plug in and lay down a few bass lines through the Ashdown CTM-15 tube amp, and you won't be the first to wonder "Wow, is that really only 15 watts?".  CTM-15 delivers deceptively large tones from its dual EL84 power stage, and it's low wattage means its easier to get red-blooded overdrive by driving it hard – all without shaking the foundations. 

Whether the session needs big fat clean tones or growling, overdriven bass, the CTM-15 has you covered.

Find the sweet spot fast with the VU meter display

Like all similarly equipped Ashdown's, the CTM-15's analogue VU meter isn't just there for show. Giving an instant accurate display of your power amp's output the CTM-15's VU meter let's you quickly find your amps sweet spot – where the magic really happens.

Ready to rock

With 4 and 8 ohm speaker outputs, the CTM-15 is ready to plug into your bass cab and rock. The CTM-15 also comes with a custom fit gig bag, making it easy to transport safely to every session

Demo Video


Power Output 15 Watt
Speaker Outputs 2 x Jack Outputs
Pre-amp Tubes 1 x ECC83
Output Tubes 2 x EL84
H x W x D (mm)  140 x 235 x 155
Weight (kg) 5


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