CL cabs are designed to compliment the wide tonal range and power of the range of our valve heads, delivering bold classic tone with authority.

Rated at 1600W RMS, the 4 ohm CL-810 is loaded with 8 x 10" custom Eminence speakers and features a versatile 'tilt-back' design.


Handmade in the UK from the finest Birch Ply, Ashdown's CL bass cabinets feature custom drivers, dual Speakon/jack connectors, horn control switch, heavy duty vinyl covering and vintage red grilles.

Custom Eminence Speakers

After a careful selection process and countless listening tests, we chose Eminence speakers for the CL cabinets that we custom spec'd  to deliver the perfect blend of power and performance while bringing the blend of classic and modern tonal characteristics that our valve bass amps have become known for.


Power Output 1600 Watt
Speaker Configuration  8 x 10
Impedance 4 Ohm 
H x W x D (mm)

1164 x 617 x 445

Weight (kg) 70


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