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Bearded Lady


Bearded Lady Bass Fuzz

Straight from Dr Greens surgery comes The Bearded Lady bass fuzz pedal. A hugely powerful fuzz pedal that splits the signal into low and high fuzz giving complete control over your tone. Boost the low fuzz for huge low end dirt and find the sweet spot for definition using the high fuzz control and find the bass fuzz tone that you have been dreaming of. From subtle clipping to full on nuclear fuzz the Bearded Lady does it all.The pedal also features true bypass switching and is housed in a custom designed steel casing that will stand up to being stomped on night after night.
Pedal Controls  
• Lo Fuzz - Controls low end fuzz
• Hi Fuzz - Controls high end fuzz
• Hi Out - Control the Hi frequency fuzz output
• Lo Out - Control the Lo frequency fuzz output.

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