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12 Band Graphic EQ DI Pedal

Looking for a new level of tone-shaping control that can feed your amp direct and DI to the desk? Our 12 Band Graphic DI was the result of many requests for a killer bass graphic EQ pedal with the added flexibility of a pristine DI output.

Get your tone in shape
With 12 bands of sound shaping control it's easy to create a characterful bass sound for almost any musical application, on stage or in the studio. Or if you just want plug and play simplicity the 'Shape' function gives no-fuss access to the classic Ashdown sound with one click.  
Using the footswitch you can select quickly between your chosen EQ curve and the Ashdown-shape.

Setting the level
Whether you're using an active or passive bass, the Ashdown VU meter in combination with the Input level knob let's you easily find the sweet spot, ensuring you get the best possible tone in and out whatever instrument you're using.

Pro-quality DI
A professional-quality DI Output with it's own level control let's you send your bass tone direct to the PA or studio mixer with a clean, clear signal that'll put a smile on any engineer's face.

Built for the road

We know the rigours of the live gigging, that's why we build our pedals tough enough for whatever the road throws at them. Metal casings, premium controls and switches, recessed knobs and kickguards to protect screens and VU meters – bring it on!

True Bypass Switching
We don't mess with your tone. Ashdown Pedals feature genuine 'true bypass' switching for zero-colouration of your input signal when the pedal isn't in use. The Output level control lets you dial in the perfect balance between the effect and the true bypass level. 

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