Ashdown 484-H - 30w All Valve Head - UK Custom Shop - Old English Cream

Handmade UK Custom Shop - One of a kind - Old English Cream Ashdown 484-H All valve guitar head built by Dave Green. All valve tone and features on the move! The AGM-484-H is a 30 watt All Valve super compact guitar amplifier head.

Designed to be as compact and portable as possible the AGM-484H head bends the established rules of all valve guitar amplification and delivers 30 watts of pure valve guitar tone via 4 x EL84's wherever and whenever required.


· Hand built in the UK Custom Shop

· 30 Watts output from 4 x JJ Electronics EL84 valves

· Foot switchable Boost with gain and level control

· 4 x JJ Electronics ECC83 pre amp tubes

· 4 cascaded gain stages for luscious and pushed clean tones through to full overdriven rock tones

· Clip switch changes the gain structure for more tonal variation

· Bass, middle, treble and presence controls

· Military grade components

· Series valve driven and recovered effects loop

· VU Meter displays power output

· 8/16 Ohm speaker outputs for a variety of cabinet options

· Housed in a super compact steel fan cooled enclosure

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