We've always been committed to great practise amps, but with AAA we've taken the concept to a whole new level. 

AAA are a new generation of Ashdown amps that will take today's players from the bedroom to the stage, with great tone and powerful features like our AppTek connection for integration with the latest smartphone and tablet-based amp sims and effects. 

The After 8

With 30W and a single 8” Ashdown speaker, the After 8 retains the core features of the larger AAA amps making it ideal for beginners looking for their first quality amp, but also with tone and features to appeal to experience players who need a small combo to use either at home, or for warming up before the show. 


Classic Ashdown tone 

AAA amps are voiced with the soul of legendary Ashdown tone, as heard on countless recordings and in packed venues every night. 

High and Low Impedance inputs means they're ready for active or passive basses and powerful EQ is designed to get the most out every instrument. 

App-Tek – a world of tone at your fingertips

Via the App-Tek socket players can access the ever-growing range of amp sim and effects apps available on Smartphones and devices, unlocking a huge expanding range of sounds. Plugging your bass in to the amp and making a simple connection to your device via the supplied App-Tek cable is all you'll need to do to get started. Choose from effects apps to recording apps and even our very own ABM Pre App....


Bring ABM muscle direct to your AAA

Connect your device via App-Tek (using the supplied 4 pole mini jack cable) and use the ABM Pre App available on Agile Partners Amp Kit and you've got legendary ABM tone and flexibility dialled straight into your MiBass and ready to record or send straight to the PA. Enjoy Sub Harmonic Tube Drive, professional Compression and the ABM 7-Band EQ and transform this small grey box into a fully-loaded pro rig. 


Click HERE to download the Ashdown app via Agile Partners Amp Kit. 

Comprehensive Connections

Just because an amp is affordable doesn't mean you have to compromise of connectivity.  AAA amps feature Line In for connecting an mp3 player (with mix control) and headphone connection for silent practice.

The After 8 also features an extension speaker output that mutes the internal speaker.



Power Output 30 Watts into 4 Ohms
Speaker Configuration  1 x 8
EQ Bass, Middle and Treble
H x W x D (mm)

380 x 365 x 300

Weight (kg) 10


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