5 Year Warranty!

Your Ashdown Engineering amplifier has been manufactured to the highest standards, using the best- selected materials. To ensure its optimum performance, please ensure your amplifier is regularly serviced. This product carries a five year warranty, against defects in materials and workmanship, for the original purchaser. Ashdown Engineering will, at their discretion, replace or repair any product or part thereof, which is found by Ashdown Engineering to be defective.

This warranty shall not apply to the damage of covering, fittings or finishes when affected by carelessness, accident or extreme climate changes. Nor does it apply to normal wear and tear of parts such as valves, fuses, light bulbs, speakers, controls etc.

In the unlikely event of any defect, please contact an authorised Ashdown Engineering dealer. All transport charges are to be pre-paid by the Owner. Unless the registration card is returned normal country warranty laws apply.

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