We went to see Rick Astley…

Last night we were invited down to Wembley to see our good friend Julien Cox who has taken up bass duties with Rick for the past decade or so. Having only seen Rick on festival shows over the years it was great to head down and see such an entertaining gig put on by Rick for NHS staff as a thank you for everything they endured during the past 18 months or so of the pandemic.

“I’m amazed to say that tickets for the first concert flew out in 30 minutes. These shows are a thank you to all those fantastic frontline staff. We are all going to have a massive party together celebrating you and what you are doing. My band and I promise to give you a great night out.” – Rick Astley

The show was great, and it really was fantastic to see so many NHS staff enjoying themselves and dancing through some incredible tracks. Ricks voice sounded as good last night as it ever has and Jay on bass really was a monster cracking through an incredible set of bass heavy track adding his own flair to many of the recognisable lines.


Thanks for a great night Jay!

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