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The UK is regarded as a world-leader in delivering cultural events; Glastonbury Festival, Edinburgh Fringe and Notting Hill Carnival are household names around the globe, and spectacular events such as the 2012 Olympics opening and closing ceremonies are widely praised. UK events contribute significantly to the UK economy and supports circa one million livelihoods.

In show of support we will be donating the profits made from our merchandise store to those who need it most with-in our industry via We Make Events selected charity; Backup.

Backup commit to relieve people who have worked in the Entertainment Technology Industry for at least five years, and/or their immediate family members, who are:

In need by reason of ill-health or injury.

Experiencing unexpected financial distress or hardship.

In addition to this over the next 3 months those most in need from our UK touring family may send in a request for £50 via PayPal the first 5 of those requests each month will be sent £50 no questions asked, whether it’s for a tank of fuel or help with a shop or kids clothes…

We may check that you are in fact from the events world, whether you are a touring tech, truck driver a touring/session musician in need or anyone else in our world. 

Requests via PayPal to be sent to: mark@ashdownmusic.co.uk

We no this might not be much but is what we can offer at this time.

It has affected our lives and changed the way we do business including what products we can produce and for who. A lot of what we build is built for live on the road and without a road to travel down we have had to diversify our offering during lockdown. But we honestly cannot wait for our world to return to the road we need you all now more than ever.

So for all the support we have been given it is our time to give back in whatever way we can.

We Make Events

A little insight into the UK Events industry:

Value of the whole DCMS footprint

  • According to the DCMS the Cultural Sector’s value exceeds £100bn, and was the fastest growing sector in 2017 - DCMS press release 2018. Value of Events
  • The outdoor events industry alone had 141.5 million visitors in 2018, spending onsite and offsite generated around £39.5 billion, which contributes £30.4 billion in GVA Events Industry Forum report 2018.

Data on employed and self-employed

  • 72% of the industry is self-employed - UK Music report 2019.
  • The outdoor event industry alone employs around 600,000 people, this

doesn’t include theatre, music venues, corporate or any indoor events Events Industry Forum report 2018.

Value of Audience spend pre-Covid Music Events

  • Music tourism alone contributed £4.5 billion spend to the UK economy in 2018 - up 12% from £4 billion in 2017. UK Music report 2019.
  • Overseas visitors to UK shows and festivals surged by 10% from 810,000 in 2017 to 888,000 in 2018

Because #WeMakeEvents has selected one charity, money raised for Backup will qualify to gain the all-important additional 25% Gift Aid.

Every penny donated via the We Make Events Giving Page will go straight to Backup.

For more details of Backup please click here

Furthermore, from the monies raised, Backup will also help fund our select number of additional Registered Charities and community interest organisations as follows:

  • Acting for Others – includes The Theatrical Guild, The Royal Theatrical Fund & Fleabag Support Fund and The ROH Benevolent Fund.
  • Music Support – for anyone in the music industry to help mental, emotional and behavioural health disorders.
  • Stagehand – representing all past and present members of the PSA (Production Services Association) who need help.
  • #MakeItBlue – dedicated to raising funds for mental health charities throughout arts, entertainment and culture.

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