It has been bought to our attention by an Ashdown fan on our Facebook page that a misprint on the artwork of the Geezer Butler, Head of Doom, states that the head is manufactured in PRC (Peoples Republic of China). This is 100% NOT the case, they are built here in the UK from the metal work to the packaging and this is in-fact an error on the printed artwork for the amp.

We are truly shocked that this has slipped through our numerous QC checks, and we have implemented more procedures to ensure this doesn’t happen again. This print issue seems to be on a few batches as the artwork should have been masked off when printing as we prepare artworks for every possibility, and at one stage to make the H.O.D more affordable we were going to make it in China at our facility, but decided we wanted to keep it made in England.

However, some of the parts used internally are made in China such as the VU meters but we can confirm that all these parts are vigorously tested and inspected by our engineers here in the UK before they are placed into our products, if they don’t make the cut or fail our tests they are not used, we do this to guarantee years of excellent service experienced by our many touring artists.

We can confirm that our engineer, after testing and finalising, signs and dates every UK hand-built product inside. You can see from the picture below that they have signed & dated the heatsink of the H.O.D head. So, you can check your own Head of Doom by carefully removing the top lid (make sure you’re not connected to power) and see our own engineers’ signature for yourself.

We pride ourselves on being a small, family run, UK business and we do offer a varied product range. With such a small team here in the UK sometimes insignificant and minor defects such as this can on occasions get missed, and we are truly sorry for this error, but we will implement more procedures here to ensure these types of errors don’t happen again. We also welcome anyone local to visit our factory (with an appointment) a cup of tea and a chat about what we do here is one of our favourite things to do. If you can’t get to us our phone and email are always available.

Again, we’d like to thank our Facebook community for bringing this to our attention and we promise them and other Ashdown fans that we are always striving to design and build better products. 

The Ashdown team.
Essex, England.

01621 857853

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