Thank you for a fantastic Frankfurt

Ashdown were at large at this year’s Musik Messe Frankfurt, with a fine display of your favourite bass amps and FX pedals.

Thank you to M&T for a great job on the Ashdown display at the show and for all the wonderful support for the German market. Also thanks to Pascal Mulot and your bass playing, after a 20+ year relationship with the French Bass player its great to see him wow crowds year after year.

Wojtek Pilichowski thanks for your larger than life playing you really do no how to draw a crowd, playing through the NEW PiBass-240 (still in the prototype stage) and an 8 Ohm MAG-410H. Stay tuned to see the PiBass in action as we filmed a bit from the show.

Thanks again to all who came by and bought a cap or simply picked up a brochure.

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