Sweetwater Offices - VU Meter

Ever wondered how to track the noise level of a room but not quite sure the best way?

Well the guys over at Sweetwater needed to be able to track the live sound levels of the quiet space in their offices. So, what better way to monitor sound by using a VU Meter!

Camera pointing at a custom VU Meter that tracks live sound from a microphoneThat is where we come in. VU Meters are our signature and we had the challenge of creating something practical for Sweetwater.

We created a custom panel with a working VU Meter which had a microphone built in so it was able to track the noise in the surroundings.

Once this was created, we had to think of a way to make it bigger.

So, we attached an HD Camera to point directly at the VU Meter which can then be attached to any TV that Sweetwater had.

Aerial shot of a camera pointing directly to a custom VU meter

The end result is a fully working, real-time VU meter that tells everyone in the quiet space if the noise level is too loud or just right! 

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