RIP Taylor

So back in like 2004 we got an email from a friend of ours at Bass Northwest in Seattle where they had just sold one of their ABM heads to this guy Called Nate who was playing in a band called the Fire Theft and he had been in some other bands like Sunny Day Real Estate and was also the bass player for the Foo Fighters..

Shortly after his tech got in touch a gentleman called Geof Templeton saying he’d like to look at sorting a couple of rigs for the Foo’s touring needs as Nate had fallen in love with tone…

Any way I could go on about how this band have been so very important to our company over the years and have gone above and beyond in terms of the level of support the guys making the bass amps get but none the less… Any time we were awkwardly standing side of stage in sound check or pre/post show Taylor would always make a point of saying hi even if he had no idea who we were it was his energy and smile that set everyone at ease and the feeling of being a spare part went, the acceptance from just the simple association of yeah you're with Nate…

To say this has taken the wind out of our sails is an understatement however we have been so very fortunate, combined across the company it’s the band we have all seen most around the world!

All our thoughts currently are with Taylors beautiful family and the rest of his extended touring family around the world. Rest in peace T.

Here are some of our fondest memories in photos as one of the perks was always getting a photo pass for the shows the first one was at London’s Astoria back in 2005 around 17 years ago. Your memory will live forever and one we will cherish.

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