Rick Astley - Backstage Pass at Cliffs Pavilion

It’s fantastic that today (on the verge of 2019) that Rick Astley still commands the kind of respect and esteem as he did back in his 80’s glory days – almost four decades ago! 

We were lucky enough to catch up with Rick Astley on his most current UK tour at Southend’s Cliffs Pavilion, in the Ashdown home of Essex on Monday 5th November.

Rick had the Cliffs audience members up and dancing all night long to his awesome set-list containing more recent tracks as well as some all-time classics. Rick’s intimate connection with his audience and stage presence was infectious and you just can’t help but love the music and enjoy the show… Rick, we want to know; what is your secret to stay so youthful and energetic?

We had the pure pleasure of catching up with Rick during the day of the show. It was great so see that he loves his new AA-100 Ashdown Acoustic guitar amp, which he took out on the road with him on the tour. We also learned that Rick takes the AA-100 out with him at local pub gigs… *Ashdown beer mat will be in the post*.

… But that wasn’t the only VU that could be spotted at the show. Rick’s long-standing bass player Julian ‘J’ Cox, could be seen using his trusted ABM rig.

Thanks again, guys. It was great to catch up!

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