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Ricardo Paraiso Delgado Júnior, 35 years old, born in Recife - PE (Brazil) is a multi-artist, multi-instrumentalist and has a bachelor's degree in music (Contrabass Acoustic) from the Federal University of Pernambuco. 

We were contacted by our Brazilian Distributor, Montreal Music about this cool bass player who wanted to check out our basses... They arranged for one to be sent down to him to try out and this was his first glance...


Paraiso was a columnist for BassPlayer Magazine for 3 years, recorded soundtracks for some Globo soap operas. Ricardinho was the pioneer in launching online double bass courses in Brazil !! Paraiso is the creator of intensive training; 1- "Incredible techniques" (2013/2014) 2- "Improviso no Baixo" (2016), and 3- "Incredible Chords" in 2020, where through his virtuosity and didactics, he acquired students and followers all over the world. Online, Ricardinho keeps free weekly educational content about music and bass on his social networks!!!

In the pedagogical area, Ricardinho taught at the Musical Education Center of Olinda (CEMO) and at the Pernambuco Conservatory of Music (CPM). Currently teaches electric double bass at the School of Music and Technology (EM&T, School of Rock) in São Paulo.

As an instrumentalist musician, Paraiso played on Datena's television program, entitled; “Agora é Domingo” on “Caixa de Talentos” show (Band TV channel), besides that, he is the bass player for Silibrina, a Brazilian instrumental band on the rise, which performed 2 international tours in 2018; At the beginning of the year in the United States (Austin / Texas, New Jersey and New York) and in the middle of the year in Europe (Spain and Portugal). In 2019, they released their second album, promoting the title “Estandarte” in 12 countries, starting in South America in January and highlighting a tour in Canada, where Ricardinho and his band took Brazilian music to the "Montreal Jazz Festival".

Currently, in addition to seeking new horizons with his instrumental band, Ricardinho accompanied the multi-artist Antônio Nóbrega at the opening of the Brazilian culture’s main festival; “The Carnival of Recife”, where more than 20 million people participated and with full broadcasting and coverage of the largest TV station in the country, “Globo TV”. Still in 2020, Paraíso was part of the Moonlight Acoustic from the great Edu Falaschi(former vocalist of Angra, a remarkable band in the country).

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