Radiohead Live - #SPOTTHEVU

We remember getting a text from Plank at Radiohead saying you might want to pick up a copy of NME, we did... Much to our surprise we remember opening it to seeing this photo taken by the awesome Andy Willsher. You can see more of his work in the link HERE.

Being big Radiohead fans we received this message via their WASTE page from Colin regarding the gig and a chance to watch it for the first time. Colin was using his trusty ABM rig for the show, Colin has used ABM since around 1997 after purchasing a 1 x 10" combo from PMT in Oxford and has been the go to recoding amp ever since, with Nigel Godrich requesting one for recording around the world.

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Hello everybody. I hope you’re all safe and well, and not chafing too much between the frustrations of lockdown and the promise of Spring.

It’s been nearly four months since my younger brother wrote, dreaming of being back in the world and playing shows. And here we are, a step closer to that, thanks to science and the vaccines.

Until that happens, we’ve rummaged about again for the next few concerts we’ve loved, from a past life that seems so far away, one we all yearn to return to.

They are all performances we’ve cherished, and we are starting with us playing a very strange concert in a tiny club at the last minute in January 2008, in London. We had been due to play at the Rough Trade record store in East London, but it was moved for safety reasons that evening, to a tiny club called “ 93 ft East “ - maybe it was 93 ft east of the record store, I like to think so anyway.

We played “ In Rainbows “ in the album order, as well as older songs. It was small, sweaty and shouty, and we all absolutely loved it.

If you listen very, very closely, you can just about glean the hint of a fuzz bass on the first song, “ 15 Step “. I think I must’ve trodden on the pedal by mistake. Again. I’d like to take this moment, twelve years later, to apologise to you, and to my colleagues. It won’t happen again. Well, it probably will.

I just love how the video footage looks from the night, all blown out acid colours and soft distorted pinks blues and greens. It’s weirdly in key with the record’s artwork. It all looks like some secret celebration, captured by a bunch of security cameras that can’t believe their luck.

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That it happened at all that night was down to our fabulous crew, who had to move the whole kit and caboodle, in just a few hours’ notice. I reflect on this now, and think how tough it’s been for them in lockdown. To recognise that, we’ve remade some fabulous Stanley Donwood crew shirts you can order below, proceeds from which will go to various crew support charities. The stylish colours reflect the different jobs on load out worn by local crews ( and us) on tour - lights, PA, backline, etc. Pick your team!


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