Phil Mann Isolation Lessons

As part of our Ashdown Isolation Sessions we have teamed up with Phil Mann of ‘With Bass in Mind’ to run Ashdown Isolation Lessons Live, 8 hours of free bass tuition over an entire weekend. As we have it and thank you to all for your suggestions on what you would like to learn here is the schedule of events through out the weekend.

These will be Live on our facebook pages and PDF transcripts can be provided directly from Phil once the sessions are live just comment and interact... Phil is doing these from his living room but we hope to have him down to film some sessions for our web site and his. Please check out and like 'With Bass In Mind' huge thanks to Phil for putting this together for us we hope you enjoy it! 


Ashdown Isolation Sessions: Saturday 25th April

11am (BST) - Scales As Formulas

Getting the most out of thinking in formulas.


1pm (BST) - Major Harmonisation

Analysing Chord Progressions and their vocabulary, using 7th arpeggios.


3pm (BST) - Pentatonic Scales

…are they ‘just five notes’? A theoretic analysis of Pentatonic scales, their construction and also their application.


5pm (BST) - Linear Thinking

A different perspective can change EVERYTHING!


Ashdown Isolation Sessions: Sunday 26th April

11am (BST) - Addressing The Standards

A few insights to help the beginner Jazzer - down worry, it’s not rocket science!


1pm (BST) - Extensions

Thinking beyond 7th arpeggios shouldn’t be taxing…


3pm (BST) - Chord Tone Concepts

Permutations, the bottomless pit of vocabulary to get you out of that ‘rut’!


5pm (BST) - Latin Bass

An introduction to a new genre!


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