Dave Hollingworth takes the ABM 600 EVO IV for a Spin

Performing 'Chasm' from Toska’s 'Ode to the Author' EP

Dave Hollingworth is a British session bass player as well as the full time bass player for alternative rock band ‘Dorje’ and progressive rock/metal instrumental band ‘Toska’.

Toska have recently celebrated the launch of their first EP ‘Ode To The Author’. Guitarist Rabea Massaad, drummer Ben Minal and bassist Dave Hollingworth are all current members of Dorje and their tight musical understanding is really evident in the 6-track all instrumental EP. ‘Ode To The Author’ is available for download on Bandcamp for a fee of your choice.

We recently caught up with Ashdown artist Dave Hollingworth at Ashdown HQ. Hollingworth took the ABM-600 EVO IV for a spin, performing 'Chasm' a new track from Toska’s 'Ode to the Author' EP. Dave shows an example of what Ashdown’s ABM range is capable of. Check out the Video below...

Dave is using his own Chapman bass through the new ABM-600-EVO IV head along with the NEW ABM Compact 210H and 115H cabs. 

Dave switches in and out of the ABM-600’s on board effects using an FS-4 foot-switch. The FS-4 is designed especially for the ABM range, allowing players to have control over their choice of effects at the tap of a pedal. The FS-4 allows you to tap in and out of the on board, Valve Drive, EQ, Compression and Sub Harmonic effects.

We are huge fans of Toska’s ‘Ode To The Author’ EP and look forward catching up with Dave some more later this year.


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