Chris Wood falls for ABM

We would like to welcome Chris Wood to the family of Ashdown artists. 

Chris has made a name for himself over the past 20 years in the Jazz circuit, Jam Band circuit (with MMW) and now the Americana circuit (w/the Wood Brothers).

The Wood Brothers’ new album, Paradise, is out now in Europe on Blue Rose Records. You can find it in stores, on streaming services, and at iTunes.

Chris has been using Ashdown since January and loves his ABM rig.

"I can get a natural, clear sound for my upright bass and a vintage or modern electric bass tone all on this one little Ashdown rig."

-Chris Wood (The Wood Brothers / Medeski, Martin and Wood)

Chris’s Ashdown rig consists of an ABM-600-EVO-IV head and ABM Cabs. 

Check out the bands web site for more info and tour dates. Cick HERE

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