Biffy at the O2

This was the first time since the pandemic that we had been able to get out to a Biffy Clyro concert and what a gig to witness. As the band take on a sold out O2 arena and win in every sense of the word! 

A huge 2 hour set saw the band crack through a career spanning set list featuring NEW songs as well as the classics. 

Bassist James Johnston owned the stage with his mighty Ashdown ABM rig consisting of 2 x810's custom made in white Tolex and hand painted along with his off stage rack consisting of 2 x ABM-600 heads one running the clean signal and the other running the dirty signal.

The set up has matured over the years with James going straight ABM Di'd to front of house with a few little pedal options. Keeping things down using our Velvet compressor for an even signal path, it sounded huge on stage and at front of house! 

James had a new addition to the set up this time opting for a NEW Ashdown Saint bass, being used on Biffy Classic 'Who's got a Match'. 

We went down to pre-production rehearsals to make sure all were well and everyone was happy with the gear and got to see the set up before it hit the road and we can only say what a show! The thought and effort that goes into making this tour as spectacular as possible is incredible and for the love of the audience. Biffy Clyro are defiantly one of the best bands in the world today and we are incredibly proud to have shared the stage with them for the past 20+ years! Mon The Biff!! 

Here is the set list from the O2:

  • DumDum
  • A Hunger in Your Haunt
  • Tiny Indoor Fireworks
  • Who's Got a Match?
  • Black Chandelier
  • That Golden Rule
  • Instant History
  • Mountains
  • Machines
  • Unknown Male 01
  • 57
  • End Of
  • Wolves of Winter
  • Space
  • Cop Syrup
  • Re-Arrange
  • Biblical
  • Living Is a Problem Because Everything Dies
  • The Captain


  • God & Satan
  • Opposite
  • Glitter and Trauma
  • Bubbles
  • Many of Horror


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