Ashdown Rootmaster

Joe Nearney takes the new Rootmaster for a test drive..

Joe came down to Ashdown HQ the other month to take the NEW Ashdown Rootmaster through its paces. The 420 head and RM-210 cab are new to the Ashdown line, staying true to the Ashdown MAG range of features the RM-420 head really is one of the most versatile products on the market. 

After months of research & development we have designed a range of products that stand out from the crowd, boasting MORE features, MORE power and stylish new designs, we are proud to represent REAL LOW END POWER.

The facilities of the range have stayed true to the formidable Ashdown MAG with subtle twists and user friendly features that only improve the value for money which has made the Ashdown MAG the product of choice for many bass players who bring the thunder across pubs, clubs and arenas around the world night after night.

The addition of the FS-2 socket has made the SUBs and DRIVE FXs now accessible from a standard double latching footswitch for ease of use and increasing the products adaptability in live situations.

The DRIVE circuit itself has been given a new lease of life. Taking inspiration from amps of old and bass players who need that deliciously luscious low end grind, you can never have too much so with the ad- dition of a simple rotary control makes dialing in the perfect amount of rich distortion an ease and plea- sure.

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