Ashdown & Meters Press Event

We would just like to take this chance to thank everyone who went out of their way to come down to our little Pop Up on Denmark Street last week. It was incredible to see so many of you throughout the week. We were really blown away at the attendance through out the week. 

Denmark Street holds a very special place in the hearts of everyone within the music industry most famous as Britain's "Tin Pan Alley" housing numerous music publishers' offices. This market declined in the 1960s to be replaced by music shops and independent recording studios. The Rolling Stones recorded at Regent Sound Studio at No. 4 and popular musicians, including David Bowie and the Small Faces, often socialised in the Gioconda café at No. 9. Elton John and Bernie Taupin wrote songs at offices on the street in the 1960s, while the Sex Pistols lived above No. 6, and recorded their first demos there.

Needless to say it felt great to be on the street and to be able to create a vibe once again on one of Londons most prestigious music streets. 

A special thanks to all at Rose Morris for accommodating us for the week. Paul, Mike, Dave and Jake you are all gentlemen of the trade and we couldn't have done it without you. 

So... Thursday night... Well, what a turn out, Zak arrived with Bernie and Dale who cracked through an awesome blues set showing everyone how its done, we were a little concerned as prior to the show we received a message asking for some pictures of the room and well it really wasn't a room as such more of a corner in a store, but as true professionals not a word was said and they cracked on. It is great to see such amazing musicians just happy to be playing to people again. The room was rammed with everyone piling is to get a glimpse of the action whilst the sounds echoed out of the store and down the street. 

We wanted to launch Guy Pratts amazing NEW amp The Interstellar so Guy was coming down after a long day of rehearsals with his band The Saucer Full of Secrets and low an behold he bought a couple members of the band with him including the one and only Nick Mason from Pink Floyd as well as Lee Harris and Guitar Tech extraordinaire Mike Clemments. Bass Guitar Magazine had come down to see the unveiling of Guys Amp which was great to see and Guy Zak and Bernie decided to get up and have a jam through a few tracks. 

Jack Bessant from Reef had traveled up for the day from Somerset to hang out and check out some of the new gear as well as the basses... 

Mat Round came by to check out the basses and for a coffee and catch up which was great to hang, he ended up buying one of our Arc basses in black ; ) 

A surprise visit from Ian Broadie from the Lightning Seeds with his son and band with him. 

Video director and all round legend Dick Carruthers took it upon himself to man the bar for us for most of the night serving countless glasses of Champagne and wine as well as providing good chat for all... Thanks Dick!  

So much more went on throughout the night and we can't stress enough how great it was to see so many familiar faces and new ones, as well as being able to invite most of the stores still on the street over for a beer after closing. 

Dave Swift popped in for the day and enjoyed hanging out with old friends from the world of bass.

We will have to do this again some time in the near future... Watch this space... 

Thanks again everyone!

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