Ashdown Interview with James Lomenzo

American heavy metal bass guitarist and long standing Ashdown friend, James Lomenzo recently sat down for us to talk about his music career, his Ashdown rig and how to get his signature sound! 

James tells us all about how he got into playing music, how he discovered the bass and how he got into Megadeth!

Click the links below to see more of what James had to say!


Discovering the Bass

First Bass Gear

Getting Into Better Bass Amps

James Lomenzo and Trace Elliot

James Lomenzo's First Ashdown

James Lomenzo and his Ashdown Amps

Mark Gooday and James Lomenzo

Ashdown ABM

The John Entwistle Tone

The James Lomenzo Hyperdrive Pedal

Getting into Megadeth

Megadeth Rig

James Lomenzo and John Fogerty

Back in Megadeth

PLAY THROUGH: Washington is Next 

Sound Demo Settings - ABM

Sound Demo Settings - Pedals

PLAY THROUGH: Symphony of Destruction

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