Ashdown Guitar Magnifiers - NEW 2019 Guitar Amps

Ashdown Engineering was established in 1997 and at first produced Bass amplifiers, once Established the company moved into Guitar amplification to complete the range.

Mark Gooday the Owner of Ashdown has a history of producing some of the finest Amplifiers available in both genres and has a heritage extending as far back as 1983, with a heritage in British made amplification, Ashdown believe their product’s provenance is of the utmost importance.

Ashdown started with Handmade High-end products: Peacemaker 100 and 60 Heads, Cotton Club and Speakeasy Combos. The range expanded rapidly to include more affordable models such as the Peacemaker 60, 40 and 20 combos and Fallen angel Variants that Boasted higher gains and DFX. Next came the Mofo range, The lunch-box style 30 being the most notable example, Achieving iconic status in the tone aficionados handbook in a space of only a few years.

The team also includes the renowned valve amplifier expert, Dave Green as their chief Electronics engineer and amp designer. Dave alone has over a quarter of a century of Experience in building quality valve amplifiers, having previously worked for some of the best high end manufacturers in the business. The design philosophy behind the latest

range is explained as follows: the new AGM (Ashdown Guitar Magnifier) range has been created to full fill the need for Quality Amplification that has the versatility demanded by today’s players whilst retaining the reliability of products of yesteryear. Tonally the range is versatile, being suitable for use “as is” for Genuine Tube tones or in combination with the vast array of pedals available today for more variations.

Dave explains: “Anything I have had a hand in is designed from the outset to repairable should the need ever arise, as with the bass amplifiers the products are built from discrete components with almost all the active components socket mounted for an easy fix. In the case of the new AGM range just look inside, all the parts from quality manufacturers, are over specified to enable them to perform for a design life of over 15 years. I believe consumers still aspire to purchase top quality long lasting products with a high residual resale value. Quality never goes out of fashion but it does have to be affordable and the AGM range manages to combine these two conflicting requirements effectively.”


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