A COVID 19 update – Stay Home Play Bass - this time without the children….

As you have all seen over the past few days the UK are heading back into lockdown from the 5th of November. 

We will be keeping to government guidelines and making sure our place of work is safe for those unable to work from home. Due to the nature of our business, we manufacture goods for sale around the world. We cannot feasibly close our doors for this period however we can ensure the safety and well-being of our team here at Ashdown HQ.

So as with back in March and for what seems like most of this year:

Under normal circumstances we very much welcome visits from the Ashdown community, but at this time please be aware that Ashdown HQ is will be closed to anyone who is not a current employee of Ashdown until further notice, and we are only admitting delivery personnel and professional services as needed.

If you are therefore in need of a service/repair we are able to offer advice remotely and will also continue to ship products/parts/accessories/merchandise as needed. Products can also be shipped to us for service/repair which we will carry out and send back.

To get in touch, just email us at info@ashdownmusic.co.uk or call on - 01621 857 853

We will be offering you all some great deals over the next few months with the lead up to Christmas so be sure to sign up to our e-blast.

For now, stay safe and do what you have to for those closest and most vulnerable.

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