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ABM PRO-FX-Sub Harmonic Generator

"Discover the Ashdown PRO FX - The Sub Harmonic Generator, a revolutionary pedal designed to redefine the possibilities for bass players. This compact yet mighty device packs a punch with its simple and effective approach to shaping your bass sound. Whether you're aiming for subtle tonal enhancements or diving headfirst into full-blown synth territory, this pedal has you covered.
One of its standout features is the blendable subs/cleans control, allowing you to seamlessly integrate additional low-end depth and richness into your bass tone. With the ability to add a subtle fatness to your sound or unleash a world of synth-inspired textures, your sonic palette expands exponentially.
What truly sets the Sub Harmonic Generator apart is its lineage. Drawing inspiration from Ashdown's trusted SUB circuit, which has been the cornerstone of their legendary ABM bass amplifiers, this pedal offers pristine tracking and versatility. It's capable of complementing your playing style, whether you need subtle low-end reinforcement for groove-oriented music or crave the full-on synthy goodness for experimental sonic landscapes.
On top of its exceptional performance, the Ashdown PRO FX Sub Harmonic Generator is highly efficient. It runs on a 9V DC C pin Negative power supply (not included) with a minimal 30mA draw, making it suitable for any setup.
In summary, the Ashdown PRO FX - The Sub Harmonic Generator is a game-changer for bass players seeking innovation and sonic exploration. Elevate your bass performance, unlock new dimensions of sound, and leave your audience in awe with this versatile and powerful pedal. It's time to redefine what's possible in bass playing and make your mark with the Sub Harmonic Generator."

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    The PRO-FX 9v range

    The Ashdown PRO FX 9 volt range of effects pedals are designed for guitarists and bass players by guitarists and bass players. Designed and Engineered in the UK with Electronics Engineer Dave Green, Dave has been part of the team at Ashdown since around 2006 and has been behind many of our new products in terms of electronic design.

    This range of pedals has been months in development and are some of our best sounding pedals we have ever designed. Taking from what we have learned from the market we wanted an affordable range of pedals distinctive in looks but most importantly characterful in tone and features.

    All pedals in the range are constructed with robust Steel housings with Anodised front fascias. Genuine Neutrik Jack sockets are used throughout.


    9 volt (C-Pin Neg) – Power Supply Required
    Power - 30ma draw
    Size (mm) H x W x D - 59 x 73 x 115
    Weight (kg) - 0.6

    Joe takes you through the new PRO-FX range

    ABM PRO-FX User Guide


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