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ABM-600-EVO IV Head


Unleash your bass's true potential with the Ashdown ABM EVO IV. For over two decades, the ABM range has been the go-to choice for bassists seeking unrivalled tone, versatility, power, and reliability. Now in its fifth iteration, the ABM EVO IV pushes the boundaries further.

The 600W head features the Variable Valve Drive Plus, offering an array of clean to overdriven tones at your fingertips. The new 9-band EQ, with precision controls, ensures you find your perfect sound effortlessly. And let's not forget the Input VU meter, which streamlines the setup process. 

ABM EVO IV retains beloved features like the One Knob Dynamic Compressor and the Sub-Harmonic Generator, enriching your bass notes with depth and character. Professional connectivity options, including a tuner output, transparent FX loop, and Line Input, make this head stage-ready and studio-friendly.

With flexible foot-switching capabilities, you can control Valve Drive, Compression, EQ, and Sub-Harmonic Generation on the fly, giving you countless sound combinations without extra pedals. Elevate your bass playing with the Ashdown ABM EVO IV.

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