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Studio 65 Wood Effect - Prototype Studio Monitors - Matched Pair


These are the prototype samples of the upcoming range of Nearfield monitors. 

They are expressly designed for the small home studio where the room size is say 12 x 12 ft and as such the monitors should be placed about 6ft away from the listener and used at just over talking volume to minimize room reactions.

At this level the distortion is extremely low , and with a frequency response having -3db points at 35Hz and 20Khz you will get all the low end that is present in the mix As these are sealed cabinets you do NOT get any chuffing from ports nor do you have phase problems with the bass ( ports are ALWAYS out of phase with the main driver) The extreme bass rolls off gradually extending the response down to 20hz ,and a subsonic filter rolls the bass of below 17 Hz , bass is tight and focused.

24dB/ octave phase aligned electronic crossovers take care of the separation between bass units and tweeters. 

Due to the use of Coaxial drivers, the acoustic centers of the bass/mid driver and tweeter are aligned correctly eliminating the " suck out "at mid to high frequencies that occur with separate tweeters found in many speaker cabinets. 

Twin 80 Watt Linear power amplifiers provide the required volume The specification of the amplifiers is:

Frequency response  5 Hz to 20Khz +/- 1dB Distortion is vanishingly low at 0.02% at 1 watts reducing as the volume is increase to 0.007% at 10 watts (0.004% at normal listening level) Power Bandwidth >70 kHz That Corp analogue Integrated circuits accept the Balanced line inputs at very high quality and Genuine Texas  integrated circuits process the signal in the crossovers .

There is NO DSP (digital signal processing) to degrade the sound that you put in .

Switched Balanced and RCA/Jack inputs are on the back together with a volume control .

A further switch is provided to roll the bass response down from 100Hz providing a response not dissimilar to an LS3 5 but without the 100hz Hump normally associated with that design of speaker.


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