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Ashdown’s UK based custom shop have been asked to build some very cool looking valve (TUBE) amps for a special customer of ours. 

Ashdown have always made special one of bits for various people from around the world from Lenny Kravitiz to Bruce Valler (UK based Facebook friend). We would like to do more for people where we can so please feel free to send in a custom shop request…. 

We have to work within the parameters of our current designs but in ways of customizing the sky is the limit. From 24-carat gold plaiting to custom Burberry covering we can pretty much do anything. There are additional charges for one off bespoke pieces but is something we can quote for. 

Don’t be shy get in touch with your request and we will get back to you with a price for your one off custom Ashdown. 


Simply Send an Email for your one off custom quote today.

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