The Charlatans

At the Roundhouse

We went down to the Roundhouse in Camden on Monday night to catch up with old friends and see the awesome Charlatans play a sell out show. 

Bass player Martin Blunt has been a long time Ashdown user and is a lovely guy we got to hang a little before the show and was great to see him on fine form. 

The band have been through their fair share of tragedy over the years most recently the loss of drummer Jon Brookes to a brain tumor. But nonetheless, they have endured all that has been thrown upon them. The latest release ‘Modern Nature’ is a fantastic and uplifting listen considering what they have been through.

The band played a greatest hits set list spanning 12 albums over two hours of tunes see the set list below. 

Martin Blunt uses Ashdown ABM-900 heads and ABM-810 cabs.


1 Forever

2 Weirdo

3 Talking In Tones

4 North Country Boy

5 So Oh

6 Tellin' Stories

7 Trouble Understanding

8 Let the Good Times Be Never Ending

9 You're So Pretty - We're So Pretty

10 I Need You to Know

11 Oh! Vanity

12 One to Another

13 Lot to Say

14 Emilie

15 Just Lookin'

16 Just When You're Thinkin' Things Over

17 In The Tall Grass

18 How High

19 The Only One I Know

20 Come Home Baby

21 Lean In

22 Blackened Blue Eyes

23 Sproston Green

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