Rick Astley Tour - Julian Cox

Rick Astley, the legendary crooner behind the iconic hit "Never Gonna Give You Up," is back in the limelight with his latest album "Are We There Yet?" And what better way to celebrate the release of his new tunes than hitting the road for a tour?
But this tour isn't just about Astley's magnetic vocals and catchy melodies. It's also about the incredible talent backing him up, including the seasoned bassist Julian Cox. Cox, a long-time member of the Ashdown family, brings his unparalleled skills and undeniable groove to the stage, adding an extra layer of depth and energy to Astley's live performances.
What makes Cox's presence on this tour even more special is his choice of gear. Sporting his trusted ABM rig and wielding a Silver Arc Ashdown bass, Cox ensures that every note he plays resonates with precision and power, elevating Astley's music to new heights.
As Astley and Cox join forces on stage night after night, fans can expect an unforgettable experience filled with infectious rhythms, soulful melodies, and the unmistakable chemistry between two artists at the top of their game.

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