Norman Watt-Roy Special Edition OriginAL Pre-Di

Limited to 50 Units Worldwide

Norman Watt-Roy goes down as one of Britain’s best bass players and has a successful music career spanning over 40 years. Norman is best known for his work as the bass player for Ian Duryand the Blockheads, rising into the spotlight in the late 1970s, during the popular punk and new wave era of rock music.

Norman has a long spanning relationship with Ashdown’s founder, Mark Gooday, going way back to his days as MD at Trace Elliot. Norman has always been a huge fan of Ashdown gear for its reliability and versatility.

Ashdown are proud to have teamed up with bass legend, Norman Watt-Roy for a special edition run of their popular pre-amplifier pedal. Strictly limited to a run of 50 special units, the special edition Norman Watt-Roy OriginAL Preamp Pedal has been tweaked to Norman’s specification. As such, the input sensitivity has been optimised to suit Norman’s unique and lightning fast finger style.

Well versed in everything that makes a great bass tone, having provided bassists with the best possible sound for two solid decades; Ashdown go back to their roots with the all new OriginAL range.

The OriginAL Valve Pre-DI Pedal is a valve driven pre-amplifier pedal like no other - shaping, sculpting and optimising the bass signal before it hits the power stage.

The anodised aluminium front panel of the Norman Watt-Roy OriginAL pedal has been finished in Shoreline Gold to match Norman’s famous 1962 Fender Jazz Bass, known as ‘The Blockhead’, and was his sole gigging and recording bass since the mid 80s.

Each unit will come numbered 1-50 and will be hand signed by Norman himself.

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