Ashdown Engineering Unveils the OriginAL EVO Mini Bass Head, Redefining Portability and Tone
Ashdown Engineering, a pioneer in bass amplification, is thrilled to introduce the OriginAL EVO Mini Bass Head, the latest addition to their esteemed lineup of bass amplifiers. Designed to meet the demands of modern bassists, the OriginAL EVO combines stunning aesthetics with unparalleled simplicity and sonic excellence.
This sleek and compact bass amplifier is a testament to Ashdown's commitment to delivering powerful, reliable, and portable solutions for musicians. The OriginAL EVO carries forward the legacy of its predecessor, the OriginAL, with subtle yet significant updates to its components.
At the heart of the OriginAL EVO is a 5-band EQ, providing precise control over bass, middle, and treble frequencies, alongside dedicated hi-mid and lo-mid knobs for fine-tuning. The Shape control adds an extra layer of tonal versatility, allowing bassists to sculpt their sound to perfection.
Portability is key with the OriginAL EVO, weighing in at just under 1.8kg, making it the perfect companion for both live gigs and practice sessions. This powerful amp head is poised to elevate your bass playing to new heights.
Modern conveniences are at your fingertips with a front-facing effects loop and XLR DI output, ensuring your sound remains pristine and easy to manage. The rear panel offers additional flexibility with a headphone output for silent practice and multiple speaker outputs for diverse rig configurations.
Constructed to withstand the rigors of the road, the OriginAL EVO boasts a rugged design with scuff-proof paint and a durable steel and alloy chassis. It comes backed by a 5-year warranty, complete with auto-protect voltage for global touring musicians and an adaptive temperature-controlled fan for studio and stage use.
In summary, the Ashdown OriginAL EVO Mini Bass Head is your gateway to powerful, portable, and professional bass amplification. It encapsulates Ashdown's renowned tone in a sleek, reliable package.
Key Features:
 Power Output: 300 Watts
Power Requirement: 115-230 Volts
Speaker Outputs: 2 x Jack Outputs
5-band EQ for precise tonal control
Front-facing effects loop and XLR DI output
Rugged, road-ready design with scuff-proof paint
5-year warranty and auto-protect voltage
The OriginAL EVO Mini Bass Head is set to revolutionize the world of bass amplification, offering musicians a cutting-edge solution for their tone and portability needs. Discover the power of simplicity with the OriginAL EVO.

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