Introducing the Ashdown Elizabeth Line: A Revolution in Home Audio Excellence
Ashdown, a renowned name in audio engineering, proudly presents the launch of their highly anticipated Elizabeth Line of Home Audio Products. This extraordinary collection redefines the way we experience sound, featuring three exceptional products: BETTY, BETSY, and ELIZA.
The Ashdown Elizabeth Line is the result of decades of unwavering dedication to the craft of sound engineering. Ashdown has collaborated with some of the world's most celebrated musicians and audio engineers, and this line represents the culmination of their collective expertise and passion.
BETTY: Unleash the Sound
BETTY, the smaller battery-powered sister in the Elizabeth Line, is designed for those who demand style, portability, and uncompromising audio quality. With a sleek and compact design, BETTY offers a powerful 45W output that ensures exceptional sound delivery. It features a 4-inch Mid Bass unit and two 20mm dome treble units, making every note and beat come to life with exquisite detail.
Enjoy your favourite music with flexible connectivity options, including BT 5.0, USB, and AUX inputs, and revel in extended playback hours with its robust 2600/3000 mAh battery. BETTY lets you tailor your audio experience with adjustable bass and treble settings, all packed into a portable and lightweight form factor.
BETSY: The Versatile Maestro
BETSY is the versatile maestro of the Elizabeth Line, designed to meet the diverse needs of music lovers. With its sophisticated design and 65W of power, BETSY is a formidable audio companion that effortlessly adapts to any environment. A two-way, phase-front, inverted sound system, and a 5-inch woofer, along with 25mm dome treble units, combine to deliver stunning audio immersion.
BETSY offers a variety of connectivity options, including BT 5.0, USB, and AUX, ensuring seamless integration with all your devices. Its large 5000 mAh battery keeps the music going, and the adjustable bass and treble settings (+/- 3dB) allow you to fine-tune your listening experience.
ELIZA: The Audiophile's Dream
ELIZA is the crown jewel of the Elizabeth Line, designed for true audiophiles who demand the utmost in audio excellence. With a stunning 100W of power, ELIZA offers an unparalleled listening experience. Its advanced 6-inch Mid Bass unit and 30mm dome treble units produce pristine, dynamic sound that captures every nuance.
The sophisticated unit configuration, combined with the two-way, phase-front, inverted sound system, creates a captivating soundstage. ELIZA offers multiple connection options, including BT 5.0, USB, and AUX inputs. Its substantial 7000 mAh battery ensures that your listening experience knows no bounds.
Ashdown Elizabeth Line is a celebration of innovation, design, and sound quality. These products are meticulously crafted to transform your listening experience, whether you're at home or on the go.

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