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Ashdown Engineering Ltd. is excited to announce the appointment of Luke Burley as UK Sales Manager. Luke will be your point of contact in the UK with the in house support of Chris Bates (Sales Director). 

Luke joins the team at Ashdown from outside of the music industry, previously a sales person within the building trade. Luke has a strong passion for music and is a keen guitarist. Luke approached Ashdown for the role advertised via the MIA website with a sensisible approach to the UK sales strategy enabling Chris Bates to focus his efforts in a supportive role for the UK but concentrated on the Ashdown & Meters Export markets. 

The addition of a NEW team member at Ashdown opens up far more opportunities than we have been previously able to establish, being able to cover more ground as a team. With the support of Ashdown's incredible marketing department with Georgina Tanswell-Lowe in house for all you content and marketing requirements. As well as Joe Branton providing a wealth of content and marketing support where required. 

Ashdown is fully invested in supporting the UK above and beyond what others can and have offered the brand over the past few years. With the change in distribution having been previously distributed in the UK by Sound Technology Ashdown have had their brand back now for the past 12 months and are establishing good growth within the UK market. 'The need to support and grow our UK customer base is of the utmost importance and is not something we could do with just one person, I am looking forward to what Luke can bring to the table.' - Dan Gooday - Ashdown MD

Ashdown has a wealth of products (5 year warranty) available in the UK ready for next day delivery, with a UK customer service team ready to help when required. Ashdown are very much here to support you where ever they can. 

For more info or to request pricing or a visit please get in touch with Luke Directly via:

Luke Burley - UK Sales Manager

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