NAMM 2024: Anitom Booth Overview

Anitom has just released an exclusive video featuring our very own Dan, providing an in-depth tour and unveiling all the exciting new products we have in store for 2024.

In this captivating video, Dan takes the audience on a virtual tour through the heart of the Ashdown NAMM experience, showcasing the latest and greatest releases that are set to make waves in the world of bass amplification. From the sleek lines of the Rootmaster-EVO III series to the meticulously crafted Original-EVO and Roasted Basses, every product is given its moment in the spotlight.

We extend our gratitude to Anitom for capturing this behind-the-scenes experience and giving the world a glimpse into the magic of Ashdown at NAMM.

So, if you're eager to be the first to witness Ashdown's latest innovations, head over to Anitom's channel and dive into the world of bass excellence with Dan as your guide. Trust us, this video is a treat for the ears and a visual feast for bass enthusiasts everywhere! 

Watch the full video here! 

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