Limited Edition 20th Anniversary CTM-Tweed Rig for 2017!

To celebrate our 20th Anniversary, we're pleased to offer a Limited Edition CTM-30-Tweed Head and 112T-250-Tweed Cab!

The Ashdown CTM range combines classic tube power and tone with Ashdown’s innovative design, build quality and reliability. The CTM range has become a firm favourite with bass players including Nate Mendel (Foo Fighters), James Johnson (Biffy Clyro), James LoMenzo and Michael Rhodes. 

Hand built in Ashdown’s UK Custom Shop, the CTM-30 is a more casually named spin-off of Ashdown’s very popular Little Bastard Head. Taking inspiration from the classic tube heads of the past, the 30-watt CTM-30 head is the younger brother of the CTM-300 and brings classic all-tube tone in a compact and more portable head, ideally suited to studio recording and smaller gigs 

2017 signifies the 20th Anniversary milestone since the launch of Ashdown. To celebrate 20 years of providing bassists with the best possible tone, on stage and in the studio, Ashdown have produced a very special Limited Edition 20th Anniversary CTM-30 Head and matching single 12-inch speaker cabinet in matching Tweed covering. 

Last year, whilst approaching their 20th Anniversary, the idea of a Ltd Edition Tweed-covered CTM model came soon after the team at Ashdown produced a pair of custom Tweed wrapped CTM-300s and matching 810 cabinets for Nashville bass legend, Michael Rhodes. Currently touring with Joe Bonamassa, Michael wanted something a little special to stand behind him on stage that were in keeping with Joe’s vintage Fender combos. 

The 20th Anniversary Limited Edition CTM-30-Tweed Head and 112T-250-Tweed Cab come seamlessly wrapped in beautiful vintage Tweed covering.

The 20th Anniversary Ltd Edition 112T-250-Tweed Cab is specially designed to not only compliment the classic looks of the matching CTM-30 amp head, but to also compliment the valve driven tone of Ashdown’s CTM range - delivering no compromises on tone or performance. 

It doesn’t end there. In celebration of Ashdown’s 20th anniversary every unit produced will come tested with a hand signed label by the man himself, Ashdown’s Founder and Managing Director, Mark Gooday.

Ashdown’s CTM-30 head has 30-watt EL84 power section and features with hi and low inputs for use with active or passive basses. The amp combines the traditional ‘Bass, Middle and Treble’ EQ with the additional flexibility of ‘Mid Shift’, ‘Bass Shift’ and ‘Bright’ switching, which unlocks a wide range of classic and contemporary all-tube tone from its ECC83 and ECC82 preamp tubes.

Ashdown’s Limited Edition 20th Anniversary CTM-30-Tweed Head and 112T-250-Tweed Cab are each hand made/ hand wired in England. Available in limited numbers, the 20th Anniversary models will run until the end of 2017 (Ashdown’s 20th anniversary year).

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