Joe Bonamassa at the Royal Albert Hall

On Friday the 5th of April, we had the chance to go back to the Royal Albert Hall to spend the evening with Joe Bonamassa and his bassist, Calvin Turner!
We got the chance to go backstage and see the full rig-rundown before the concert kicked off! 


Using two amazing Tweed CTM-300 heads and a custom Tweed 810 cab, the Royal Albert Hall was certainly ready to be filled! 

Joe Bonamassa returned to the Royal Albert Hall to celebrate 15 years since he first played the iconic venue in May 2009. Joe said, "The Royal Albert Hall is a special venue for me personally. It's the first venue that literally changed my career overnight. I always look forward to playing the venue because, not only is it a beautiful venue, but the staff are amazing, and the audiences are second to none. It's always an emotional experience whenever I play the RAH." (Joe Bonamassa, The Royal Albert Hall)

We got the chance to sit down with Calvin Turner before the concert and have a chat! Click here to watch the video!

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