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Ashdown Funk-Face

After months of development in partnership with the awesome Stuart Zender, Ashdown the Ashdown Funk Face – Starts shipping this week

Made in England, the SZ Funk Face is a dedicated bass twin dynamic filter pedal and the only bass pedal on the market that’s fully qualified on producing those distinctive choppy “Virtual Insanity” type bass grooves.

The Funk Face’s simple 3-knob and 2-switch layout makes things simple for the bass player when those funky moments strike. 

Like classic envelope filters, the Funk Face’s ‘Sensitivity’ rotary control allows the player to shape the exact effects response, whilst the ‘Output’ knob allows you to decide just how much of it you want. Dependent on your playing style, attack and dynamics - by tweaking the Output and Sensitivity controls in unison - you can range from subtle filtering to a fully responsive “Funk Bass in your Face” Auto-Wah.

The 12AX7 powered ‘Valve’ drive distortion switch can be selected by foot to naturally enrich the harmonics of the Funk Face pedal, whilst the Wah sound is also footswitchable. A very carefully considered switch on the right ride of the pedal allows the player to decide on whether the valve overdrive is added pre or post-wah, providing yet more tonal opportunities. 

Video demos with Stuart coming soon.

Click HERE for more info on the pedal

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