GearFest 2023

We were invited by our friends at Sweetwater to attend this year’s GearFest, as with last year this year’s event was an online virtual event with some of the world’s best Mi influencers in attendance at the show. We had a great few days with all in attendance at the event including the incredible sales team at Sweetwater in a true brand building adventure.

We were launching a number of very special new products at the show including the awesome NEW CTM-15, 15 watt all valve desktop bass amp. The NEW Studio Mini Rig, 250 watts of solid-state power into its own 2 x 10 cab. The NEW CTM-30 & 112 Tweed edition of the formidable CTM-30. And a couple of very cool NEW pedals, The MEGA DRIVE James LoMenzo signature pedal and the ALL NEW and updated Stuart Zender FUNK FACE pedal. You can check out the first demos below:

The Mega Drive:

The CTM-15:

 The Funk Face:

We also took the time to do a walk through with the wonderful Nick Bowcott from Sweetwater on our little booth at the show.

Nick also made the time to catch up with the incredible James LoMenzo at the event and you can see what James had to say about the pedal in the interview below: (wait for it, its the next segment....)

We also took the chance prior to the show to do some product training to their 300+ sales engineers in 3 very successful product training presentations, going through the history of our family business as well as our incredible range of products and NEW releases at the show. All three were very well attended as well as our office hours training day with all the engineers stopping by for some hands-on time with our NEW products and some old favourites.



We just want to take the opportunity to say a massive thank you to all involved at Sweetwater for putting this event together and welcoming us on campus for the week.

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