Foo Fighters at BBC Big weekend

Check out the BBC...

Head over to the BBC's Radio 1 Big Weekend website for loads from the event, including photos, videos and much more from all who took to the stage over the weekend.

Norwich is the third of Radio 1’s Big Weekends to have played host to the Foos. Their first was Sunderland in 2005 (around their 10th anniversary, aptly enough), and their second was about 70 miles due west, in Carlisle, 2011, and experience has taught us one thing above all. He may be the nicest man in rock, but don’t think that means Dave won’t blow faces clean off, the first chance he gets.

Nate was using his NEW Ashdown ABM custom 810 cabs and ABM EVO IV 1200 heads. Make sure you use a decent pair of headphones or speakers when listening...

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