Ashdown Artist Highlight: Daisy Pepper Upcoming Tour

Ashdown Artist, Daisy Pepper, is going on tour with Laura Evans this Autumn! 

Daisy is a full time session bassist. Daisy is the bassist in the Roots, Rock & Blues band, The Exile Club. The Ashdown Amps that are in Daisy’s arsenal are the ABM-600-EVO IV and the RM-C210T-500-EVOII.

Born in the valleys of South Wales, Laura Evans’ love of country, soul and blues music started very early when she listened to old records by Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles, Bonnie Raitt, Faith Hill and more. 

The tour starts on the 16th of October 2023 and they will travel all over the UK starting in Sheffield and finishing at Pizza Express Live in Holborn, London.

Then, in November 2023, the tour moves over to Europe covering Holland, Germany, France and Belgium.

See below for the tour dates!

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