Ashdown ABM-300-EVOIV

New for NAMM 2019, Ashdown have reinstated the ABM 300 to their famous ABM EVO IV range.

Ashdown’s flagship ABM range has remained a firm favourite of bands, musicians and stages across the world for the last 22 years thanks to its ability to continue to deliver superb bass tone and rock-solid build quality. After 15 years of absence, the ABM 300 EVO IV offers control, tone and versatility with all the character of Ashdown’s ABM range – in a lower powered package. The reality is; many modern bass players, live or studio simply do not need the full power of the higher wattage ABM600 or 1200, however the amazing tone and versatility you get with an ABM head are unsurpassable, so the ABM 300 was an obvious conclusion.

Instantly identifiable with thanks to its trademark illuminated Ashdown VU meter, the ABM 300 EVO IV pairs class-leading preamp sophistication with a 9-band EQ.

Upgraded with the fourth evolution of the ABM head, the Valve Drive preamp section delivers more current to the 12AX7 tube, delivering more drive and harmonic content than ever before, enabling players to dial in a sound from pristine clean, to the fattest, fullest bass overdrive currently available. The Drive level can be pre-set and kicked in and out via footswitch, providing access to a huge range of clean, warm and overdriven tones.

The ABM EVO IV range features a sophisticated 9-band EQ, with familiar Bass, Middle and Treble controls and six sliders providing precision cut and boost at 100Hz, 180Hz, 340Hz, 1.3KHz, 2.6KHz and 5KHz. The EQ can be switched in via footswitch taking the player from a flat fretless sound to their favourite EQ setting instantly. The NEW 9-band EQ is a revelation of sonic perfection and will surprise older ABM users.

Ashdown’s famous ‘One Knob’ Dynamic Compression is easy-to-use, great sounding and delivers a powerful, even sound - guaranteed to help your bass fill out any mix.

Once heard – never forgotten. The ‘One Knob’ ABM Sub-Harmonic generator adds an octave below the notes being played bringing fullness to any bass part. The Sub level is independently controllable, letting you dial in anything from a subtle hint of deep bass to a full-on subterranean funk.

Not that you’d expect any less, The ABM EVO IV Range is loaded with connectivity. A tuner output, Line out, transparent FX loop and a Line Input for the connection of an external sampler or sound source. Output muting cuts the signal from the DI output but leaves the tuner output ‘live’, allowing the player to tune up in silence.

The FS-4 footswitch (not included) makes the ABM head come alive for onstage use, enabling on-the-fly tonal gearshifts. With footswitchable Valve Drive, Compression, EQ and Sub Harmonic Generator, the FS-4  puts dozens of sound combinations at your feet.

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