A Tribute to Taylor Hawkins

Well, that was an epic day and a very emotional one for everyone on site, the build-up over the past 3 months had been tirelessly coordinated to this day and everyone’s hearts and souls had clearly been poured into this monumental day. The first of two days set aside in your calendars to remember the legend that is Taylor Hawkins.

From the moment Dave, Nate, Chris, Rami and Pat came out with one another to introduce the day for the first time publicly since the tragic day back in March which now seems like such a long time ago. It was clear everyone was in for a once in a lifetime moment in rock n roll history. ‘A gigantic fucking night, for a gigantic fucking person’ – over 6 hours of incredible songs and musicians followed with a 50-song set with some real spine-tingling moments, with interludes from some of Taylors friendships established over the past 30 years of touring with a lovely piece from Duff and Slash remembering their friend as well as Chad Smith re telling the story of Taylors generosity at their local Guitar Centre.

Dan Gooday & Geoff Templeton (Nate's Tech)

Josh Homme's rendition of Lets Dance was magical with Nile Rogers, Omar Hakim on drums and Chris Chaney holding down the low end. Honestly there were so many great moments from the day we are still taking it all in, not wanting to miss a thing the entire night. Violet Grohl came to stage early on to perform who beautifully chosen renditions of Jeff Buckley’s, Last Goodbye and Grace both beautifully echoed the sentiment of the day lyrically and in performance with the amazing Chris Chaney on bass.Violet and Dave

Gas Coombes' cover of The Police’s "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" was incredible to see, Stewart Copeland on drums with his effortless style of playing was amazing to witness with Nate holding down the low end with the dynamics needed!

Then Rush with Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson with Dave Grohl on drums playing two songs then being joined by the incredible Omar Hakim on drums was fantastic to see and hear!

We cried, we danced, we sang and shouted! Truly a wonderful way to pay our respects to one of rocks greatest drummer/musician. Taylor Hawkins.

When Brian May came out to sing Love of my Life it was as if someone turned the house lights on with everyone prompted to light the torches on their phones (rather than lighters of old) the arena was a wash with light shining through out the entirety of Wembley… It really was a sight to be seen and one we will never forget…Travis Barker is an animal on the kit and Rufus Tiger Taylor did a great job as well but the highlight for us was the moment Taylor's son Shane took to the stage to play his father’s pink kit for My Hero was a wonderful thing to behold. The power and ferocious style of his father ran strong the boy could play and the pride you could see emanating from those around as well as himself was inspiring and one I hope helps others find a way through times of sorrow. A huge of amount of respect for what Shane did that night as it really could not have been easy… I’ve not been to anything with such a sombre feel pre-show and then to come to life in the way the day manifested was like going to your best friend’s funeral and catching up with all your long-lost friends. A day to truly hold as one of the best days of our life.

The Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert tickets and merchandise sales will benefit these charities chosen by the Hawkins family. If you'd like to support directly, follow the steps outlined below.

Donate to Music Support: https://lnk.to/MusicSupport
Donate to MusiCares: https://lnk.to/MusiCares


The Set List:
Rock’N’Roll Star (Liam Gallagher with Foo Fighters)
Live Forever (Liam Gallagher with Foo Fighters)
Let’s Dance (Nile Rodgers, Omar Hakim, Chris Chaney, Josh Homme)
Modern Love (Nile Rodgers, Omar Hakim, Chris Chaney, Gaz Coombes)
Psycho Killer (Chevy Metal with Wiley Hodgen on vocals)
Children Of The Revolution (Chevy Metal with Kesha on vocals)
Range Rover Bitch (The Coattail Riders with Justin Hawkins on vocals)
It’s Over (The Coattail Riders with Justin Hawkins on vocals)
Louise (The Coattail Riders with John Lousteau on vocals)
On Fire (Wolfgang Van Halen, Justin Hawkins, Dave Grohl, Josh Freese)
Hot For Teacher (Wolfgang Van Halen, Justin Hawkins, Dave Grohl, Josh Freese)
Last Goodbye (Violet Grohl, Greg Kurstin, Dave Grohl, Chris Chaney, Alain Johannes, Jason Falkner)
Grace (Violet Grohl, Greg Kurstin, Dave Grohl, Chris Chaney, Alain Johannes, Jason Falkner)
Richard III (Supergrass)
Alright (Supergrass)
Caught By The Fuzz (Supergrass)
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Them Crooked Vultures – Josh Homme, John Paul Jones, Alain Johannes, Dave Grohl, Greg Kurstin)
Gunman (Them Crooked Vultures – Josh Homme, John Paul Jones, Alain Johannes, Dave Grohl, Greg Kurstin)
Long Slow Goodbye (Them Crooked Vultures – Josh Homme, John Paul Jones, Alain Johannes, Dave Grohl, Greg Kurstin)
Precious (The Pretenders with Dave Grohl)
Tattooed Love Boys (The Pretenders with Dave Grohl)
Brass In Pocket (The Pretenders with Dave Grohl)
Walk Away (James Gang)
The Bomber (James Gang)
Funk #49 (James Gang with Dave Grohl)
Valerie (Violet Grohl, Mark Ronson, Chris Chaney, Jason Falkner)
Back In Black (Brian Johnson, Foo Fighters, Lars Ulrich)
Let There Be Rock (Brian Johnson, Foo Fighters, Lars Ulrich)
Next To You Stewart Copeland, Foo Fighters with Dave Grohl on vocals)
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (Stewart Copeland, Foo Fighters with Gaz Coombes on vocals)
2112: Overture (Rush, Dave Grohl, Greg Kurstin)
Working Man (Rush, Dave Grohl, Greg Kurstin)
YYZ (Rush, Greg Kurstin, Omar Hakim)
We Will Rock You (Brian May, Roger Taylor, Fiona Jeans, Foo Fighters with Luke Spiller on vocals)
I’m In Love With My Car (Brian May, Foo Fighters, Rufus Taylor, Roger Taylor on vocals)
Under Pressure (Brian May, Roger Taylor, Foo Fighters, Justin Hawkins on vocals)
Somebody To Love (Brian May, Roger Taylor, Foo Fighters, Sam Ryder)
Love Of My Life (Brian May)
Times Like These (Foo Fighters with Josh Freese)
All My Life (Foo Fighters with Josh Freese)
The Pretender (Foo Fighters with Travis Barker)
Monkey Wrench (Foo Fighters with Travis Barker)
Learn To Fly (Foo Fighters with Nandi Bushell)
These Days (Foo Fighters with Rufus Taylor)
Best Of You (Foo Fighters with Rufus Taylor)
Oh! Darling (Foo Fighters with Paul McCartney, Chrissie Hynde, Omar Hakim, Greg Kurstin)
Helter Skelter (Foo Fighters with Paul McCartney, Omar Hakim)
Aurora (Foo Fighters with Omar Hakim)
My Hero (Foo Fighters with Shane Hawkins)
Everlong (Dave Grohl)

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