A Saucer Full Of Secrets

What a show and what a night, we felt honoured to have been invited to a very special event last night at Dingwalls in Camden... An idea that came about over a drink or two with a few friends, Lee Harris suggested getting a band together with our very own Guy Pratt and a few of his mates...

One being the amazing Nick Mason and another being Spandau Ballet's Gary Kemp and also composer Dom Beken on keyboards... The idea was to perform songs from Pink Floyds earlier catalogue including tracks from A Piper at the Gates of Dawn and A Saucer Full of Secretts spanning the bands transition from Syd to David...

It was an inspiring show with both Pratt and Kemp channeling their inner Barret to perfection Nick being Nick was incredible and close your eyes and you would have been certain David had come into the room as well as Rick. As true early Floyd fans it ws a show we had been looking forward to since we became privy to the news a while back.... 

Needless to say it did not disappoint, with an awesome, well selected and well rehearsed set list as follows:

Interstellar Overdrive

Astronomy Domine

Lucifer Sam


Obscured by Clouds

When You're In

Arnold Layne

The Nile Song

Green Is the Colour

Let There Be More Light

Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun

See Emily Play


One of These Days



A Saucerful of Secrets

Point Me at the Sky


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