A great CES 2022

So after some uncertainty as-to wether the event was going to go ahead, we made the trip State side on the 2nd of January to build and set up for the exhibition. One that in the past normally sees upwards of 200,000 attendees through the doors.

Expectations had been managed this year with the outbreak of the latest COVID variant hitting the States and other regions we were not sure what to expect... 

But all up we had an incredible show, met some good people and enjoyed being out and seeing the reactions of people listening to our products. We got featured on the BBC NEWS and included live on the BBC worlds service and included on the BBC program CLICK. For those in the UK check out the link below:


Our LINX featured as a 'Best in Show' product at the event and received some great press from various outlets across the globe. Click HERE to read more.

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