User Testimonials

It's been a workhorse

I own three of your products (Superfly, MAG600H, MAG 410T), and I'm VERY happy with all three, especially the Superfly. It's been a workhorse!

Andy Izold

10 years and still rocking!

I've been an Ashdown supporter for the last decade. Just to let you guys know, this January coming my trusty rig will have its 10th birthday - still rocking. It never lets me down, and I think it's the perfect rig for the working musician, portable powerful and reliable while sounding great.

Sean Conlon

Your quality is brilliant

I gig every weekend and have used Ashdown equipment for the last 5 years working from your MAG range, to now your ABM 115 + ABM 210 + ABM EVO II 500 head and it never lets me down. It is by far the best kit I have used. I must do at least 80 gigs a year and that's a lot of in and out of the van and setting up - but your quality is brilliant.